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Grammy Day Vegas December 27-29, 2012

I was feeling better, so we loaded up the jeep...and I mean Loaded...there wasn't a speck of space anywhere...It was as good as airbags...made of presents! We headed out, and, four hours later, were greeted by the cutest and happiest kids I have ever seen. So glad they like it when Grammy and Papa come! We visited, unloaded, surprised, ate, swang, played, learned, guessed, built, sang, and did all the wonderful things that Grammy and Papa love to do when we go to Vegas!
Our jeep was packed! This was from my front seat...and I had stuff all at my  feet. 
Papa waited for Mike to come home from work and had the family go into the kitchen while he set it all up. Adam's Lego trays are on the left, Joshy's racetrack in the middle, and Grace's easel on the right. 


THIS made it ALL worth it!

Opening Grammy Stockings

She said she had wanted this pen forever. How did I know???

Allison gets her Ethan McFarland tacklebox too. 

We brought Nano's Christmas Eve dinner with us: pulled pork, beans, and we had some of the yummy salads they had made for their holidays. 

Josh was the BEST eater!!!

After dinner, we went outside and watched them play with their brand new basketball pole ! It was so doggone cold...Vegas is ALWAYS cold in the Winter. 

This cheerleader kept everyone going. 

Grammy Day...and Joshy is HUNGRY! Adam helped me make pancakes. We also had grapes, goldfish crachkers, gingerbread mini muffins, juice and milk. 

Then we built gingerbread houses. 

Josh was soooo cute. As he worked, he sang the sweetest little songs.

He loves green, so there were LOTS of green m&M's used. A boy after my own heart. 

Adam was quite the builder and had it all figured out. He loaded that gingerbread house and scene with many many favorite candies. After all, you get to eat what you build, right? He even had candy bars hidden under the ice cream cone trees. 

Joshy finished first, so he went in the living room to race jelly beans down his race track and play with his Thomas the Train set. 

The best part of racing jelly beans? You eat the losers...and the winners!

Gracie used my phone to text Uncle Ethan while he was at the hospital with Kaylee and Cameo. 

Math Facts??? The kid is smart!

We went to the park to wear off all the building materials we had used.

The kids bought Papa a gift card to Jack in the Box, so he treated them  to burgers, chicken nuggets, fries and drinks. Then he bought Eskimo Pies for dessert. 

Joshy and I were singing...then he would put a sticker on me, and I would complain that I couldn't see...or smell...and when they went on my mouth...I couldn't talk. He thought it was too funny!

We played a guessing game. Adam drew this for quite a while. He loves Air Force planes and knows about everything about everyone. 

Grace was our teacher. If we got to noisy...which happened all too often, she would raise her hand with this zero, indicating that the noise level should be at zero. I have to admit I tried it on my own when I got home. She is waaaaay more effective than I am. 

We played and then went home...a couple of hours early, cuz Kayty was cold and our heater wouldn't work. It was a blast. This Christmas was a blast. So thankful for all the hard work Dee does to build and to provide all this. He is one amazing guy!

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