Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Kaylee Alyssa Rice December 26, 2012

After hearing about sweet Amber being sick, I started immediately loading up on echinacea. By two hours later, I was starting up with a doggone cold. I sucked down glasses of creosote tea, ate Airborne like candy, swallowed name it.

We knew Cameo was scheduled to be at the hospital at 3 pm for a later C-section. Ethan kept us informed. Kaylee was born around 6 pm...healthy and happy. Cameo did blessed! We headed out to the hospital...and got stopped in horrible traffic. A pedestrian had been hit and killed, right before we came upon the scene. We actually were turned around and drove the wrong way on the freeway. We finally got to the hospital. I stayed in the waiting room, but my heart was upstairs!
Silly hubby: we were totally stopped and he wanted me to take a picture like I was driving over him. I didn't notice the guy ahead walking around...and his door wide open. 

I wore this while I waited for Adam to be born...over 9 years ago. I was busy watching Adam when Grace was born. I had it in my suitcase when Joshy was born, but he had an extended hospital stay and I couldn't wear it there. So, Kaylee gets it now...though she doesn't see me in it. 

You would never know this lovely lady just gave birth to a  lovely lady!

Cameo and Kaylee with her mom Liz and her sister Jade

Jessica meets Kaylee

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