Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Family Birthday Celebration for January and February...January 6, 2013

Cam felt like it...I felt like it, so we decided to celebrate Cam's 30th, Nate's 20th, and Kayty's 22nd birthdays. Kayty had to work late...and Costco didn't have her favorite 17 pound 10 layer chocolate cake, so she will celebrate later with her friends. I tried to make a cake...a missionary shirt, tie, name badge, etc. but it came out lame! Oh, well, I had my heart in a good place.
This says "Happy 20th Birthday Elder Rice" in Korean
Under construction...the tie icing kept running so I cut up an index card to hold it in place.

Jess took care of Elder Nate's wish for him. 

Nano holding Kaylee

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