Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Elder Rice Update October 15, 2012

Elder Rice mails a smart card to Jessica about every 6 months, and she brings it over to share with us. So, we get pics in batches. This batch was mailed the first week in January, 2013, and it covered October through Christmas.

Here are pics from Gwangyang
 I am going to have to wait till 2014 to find out who these people are.
 This must be some taste treat. I mail him large bags of Ghiardelli dark chocolate chips every couple of months, and I did send him some peanut butter, abut I am not sure what the white stuff is, but it does look like a 'fluffer-nutter' doesn't it.
 This he found for 2 dollars a can. He was so excited! I did mail him some root beer extract for him to try his own.
 Modeling the Arizona Cardinals Tie that Ethan and Cameo sent him.
 I know that Gwangyang is located near a bay of some sort. I assume this is some tributary off that bay.
 I assume Elder Rice took this picture to show Dad the rock wall waterfall. It does look awesome!

 This appears to be from some wildlife center.

 Not sure who this is..
 Looks like some sort of treat/sweet.
Elder Rice's district in Gwangyang. His companion is the very tall one on the far right. Funny, Elder Rice is 6 feet tall, so that young man must be VERY tall!

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