Monday, January 21, 2013

Martin Luther King Jr. Day Showed Us How OLD We Are

Kelsie needed a couple of playmates on a day off school. Papa thought, if he took the day off work, we could pull it off. We did it...but barely lived to tell. Kelsie is an awesome five year old. We are not so awesome 52 and 55 year old playmates for 10 hours. We. Were. Dead! Parenting is truly for the young!
Kelsie with Doran's Ironwood Log

Papa and I planned to take Kelsie to the park where we took Adam, Grace, and Joshy to fish once, so she learned some casting skills in the back yard. 

This is what a five year old looks like when her grandparents are too tired to play another round of hide and seek!

Picking a carrot from Papa's Garden
She caught no fish, but did do a really good job. We then swang...Grammy coughed...a lot...and then we went to look at animals at Cabela's till Mommy and Doran met us. Papa and I went home to rest.

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