Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Grammy Day Phoenix December 8, 2012

Christmas with adult children is getting harder. I don't want my kids to have to run around so much on Christmas day, now that they have children. So, since last year was really not good, I decided to do our Grammy Day/ Christmas early.
Grammy and Papa fill stockings and give a gift. The ones that come here get to use the stocking I made for them over my fireplace. I have one for each and every person (Kaylee's is under construction now).

Enjoying Grammy Day Breakfast

Grammy Day Breakfast: Monkey Bread (our traditional Christmas Morning breakfast) grapes, goldfish crackers, apple juice and milk. 

First, we open stockings..

This was Kaylee's stocking gift, though Ethan tried to get us to add it to the Rice Fish Count for 2012. 

After gifts, we set out to build gingerbread houses. 

Ethan always manages to nab my camera...

Kelsie's finished creation

Papa's finished creation

Ethan's house...after a roof collapse. 

Amber's first house. 

Doran's was quite the house: gabled roof, chimney, and he melted tootsie rolls for stucco. It looked awesome!

It was so enjoyable for me this year. And it ended up being really good, since Miss Kaylee was to make an earlier appearance....on the 26th. Early Phoenix Grammy Day is now a tradition!

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