Saturday, January 26, 2013

Pizza Night and Photo Session

Grammy felt better, finally, for a day...and we had awesome pizza and then Doran and Ethan took some one month photos of Kaylee. I saw where a photographer had taken pictures each month for a year of the baby by the same prop. Ethan saw Cameo's rocking horse...perfect! (Though, when Jade saw the pictures, she said that rocking horse gave her nightmares!) It will be interesting to see Kaylee grown from by the horse to on the horse as the year progresses.

Aunt Allison...This one will make you smile. Ethan gave his own daughter her first Dumdum! (When Adam was tiny, and Allison was so careful with what he ate, Ethan would feed him Dumdums...) She LOVED it!!!

During a diaper change, she saw herself in our mirror!

It was a rainy day, so no reason to do anything with my hair...straight and stringy! But look at the sweet little girl...too cute!

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