Monday, November 17, 2008

It Just Got Out of Hand!!

I haven't written as frequently as I have been...and I have an excuse...a poor one, albeit, but an excuse. It began with me just "puttin' up the Winter Village". Then, since I had two Nativity Scenes already displayed, I just was going to put the rest up, so I could enjoy them. Well, I put them in a different place, so I had to remove stuff to put them there. Then, when I needed to put that stuff away, I had to get other boxes down. "I'll just put a few things up here and there to make room for the stuff I am putting away," I convinced myself. Boxes in the closet, boxes up to the attic, stuffed animals and pillows down from the attic...Up and down...up and down. I was a gonner...I couldn't stop myself. And now, though my kitchen table has a lovely brown Thankgsiving tablecloth, pumpkins, pilgrims, and turkeys, the rest of my house - including the beach bathroom, the patriotic tree in the family room, the smaller hunting tree in the living room, the nutcrackers in the entry, and our big tree in the living ready for Christmas! Music is playing, stockings are hung, and it is 85 degrees outside. Maybe I am just wishing winter here...Anyway, the excuse sounds better than the fact that I just go nuts at Christmas!!

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Danyel said...

Mom I am right there with you. Doran bent to my will and I have decorated for christmas. Your house is beautiful and everytime we come over its like walking into a cacoon of peace and love.