Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thankful Thursday

What a week it has been! I can hardly believe it's already Thursday again! I was reading my daughter's blog this morning. Her sweet hubby had written for her...about her birthday yesterday. What love he expressed! So, I got to thinking this morning as I was driving kids (or corpses - sleeping all the way!) about just how blessed I am to have the most wonderful kids-in-law. I love them each so dearly! Michael is the best: a wonderful husband, a great provider, a super support, and a down right awesome daddy to my grandbabies. I knew he was special from the first time I saw him, and when he sat up all night when Allison had her wisdom teeth pulled before they married, I knew he was just...well, he loves my daughter; he makes her happy...and that makes him the most special person ever! Then there is Cameo. She loves Ethan so much! I remember before they were married when she threw him a surprise party for his birthday (not an easy task less than two weeks before Christmas!)He had always looked kind of sad when others had parties, and he had no girlfriend that loved him enough to make that effort...that is, until Cameo. She does so much to be with him. She camps (and still looks just gorgeous...what goes on in that tent while we eat?)She is a super fisher-person (for awhile, Nathan would not let her bring a pole with her when they all went fishing...the fish just jumped on her line!!)She is a great cook (makes the most decadent sour cream enchiladas!) and, again, she loves my son; she makes him happy...and that makes her the most special person ever. Now, sweet Danyel. I may be selfish about her, for she does so much for my Doran, but she also does so much for me!!! She is so patient with my son. She supports him in EVERYTHING! She is there for his photography events, his dances, as they yard sale, and even in Harbor Freight(and we know Doran could spend his entire life there and never notice!!)She also helps me. I had a rough Saturday, and there she was...anticipating my needs...getting paper towels, washing and drying dishes, and she stayed when I had to leave to make sure Allison's birthday cake didn't burn. Again, she loves my son; she makes him happy. And that makes her the most special person ever. I only pray that my other children are blessed with spouses as wonderful as my children have been blessed with. They all have been raised by great parents. They taught them honesty, hard work, and trust. I thank them for giving me and my family their children. We all are blessed for each one of them!

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