Thursday, November 27, 2008

Turkey Trek

I tried to run this morning, but everytime I went out the door, it began to rain...and not just sprinkle, it just poured! So, when the sun was up, I wanted a hike, and so I drug my sweet hubby up that mountain. We used to all hike on Thanksgiving morning, but then kids and Dad got busy and it turned into me hiking alone. I was even going to get commemorative tshirts, calling it the "Thunderbird Hills Turkey Trek". (So much for ideas...the minute I come up with something cute, it just scares everyone away.) Anyway, Dee was such a good sport and we had fun hiking in the moist air. We even stayed long enough on top of the mountain to be "in a cloud" which was just great. Thanks, Dee, for coming with me. I had so much fun!

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