Monday, November 3, 2008

A Morning Not Soon To Be Forgotten!!

I was thinking the other day that the rides to school have been rather boring lately... Both Nathan and Katelyn fall asleep and I waken them when I arrive at their various stops. Not so, however, this morning. Things began very well...all woke up on time, no fights for the shower. There was a little problem with an ant invasion in the pantry, right where Nathan had "cleaned up" the olive oil he spilled last night (what is this with the ants...olive oil? Never knew they were even attracted to that! Maybe these were health conscious ants.) We got out the door a few minutes late, but no harm done. Seminary was great for Nathan...Sister Jill Fuller is his substitute all week. So, we started on our way...and the fun began. First, Nathan sniffed something, and, upon investigation, discovered Kayty was applying nail polish. Nathan yelled and complained, grabbed his neck, worried over his lung capacity, and then opened the window all the way. Cold air rushed in. Kayty hollered, assuring him that she was finished. Nathan still went on and on about the noxious chemicals in the jeep. Meanwhile, I was getting a little cold, so I turned on the heater. Boy, what a mistake I made!! Nathan then turned his attention from the polluted air to the blazing heat that was "melting his face off". He compared the heater and the warm air to the heat of the Sun. Now, at this point, I am laughing hysterically...almost crying. He checks to make sure I am alright and then continues his diatribe...something about cold fusion, radiation, all of us being get the picture! Kayty is still assuring him that her nail polishing is over, and goes to show him her finished nails...she touches his arm and wet, black nail polish gets on him. "What is this?" he asks. He then readdresses the cold fusion and the excessive radiant heat that my little jeep heater is emitting from the vents. This "hearty exchange" continued until Kayty fell asleep (good ol' Kate...she doesn't "do" mornings!) and we arrived, thankfully, in the North Pointe Preparatory parking lot!
Now, I guess this is partly my fault. Yesterday, we watched a broadcast from Salt Lake City for our stake conference. The talks were great, and we were discussing them later in the afternoon. I pointed out that, in his first talk as prophet, President Thomas S. Monson gave us counsel. I have it at the top of our blog. On our front door, it says "The Storm Stops At The Door". I said that we need to keep our home a refuge. If they have loud voices, gripes, complaints, etc., they need to take them outside, for they were not to be discussed in our home. I guess I should have included the vehicles as well!!

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gibkidsmom said...

Too funny Suzzy! I had a little blast from the past moment reading this. I didn't think I would ever say that I miss those days but...I do!